Renowned chemists Yu Jin Quan and Phil S. Baran visit ECNU


The seminar attract lots of audiences.

ECNU alumni and professor of Scripps Research Institute Yu Jin Quan and Professor Phil S. Baran of the American Science Institute visited ECNU on September 26 to take part in a seminar.

The seminar was presided over by Tian Yang, Dean of ECNU’s College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. Chairman of ECNU University Council Tong Shi Jun, Academician He Mingyuan, and approximately 300 students and teachers the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering participated in the seminar.

Tong Shijun (Center) presents the two visiting scholars with the ECNU Honorary Professorship Certificate.

Prior to the opening of the seminar, Chairman Tong presented the two visiting scholars with the ECNU Honorary Professorship Certificate. They both subsequently approached the podium to speak to the attendees.

Prof. Baran introduced his report on “Translational Chemistry” which revolved around the study of chemical reduction synthesis strategies and concrete method applications in pharmaceuticals and natural medicines. He lectured on how these studies utilize free – decarboxylase coupling reactions in the process of carbon-carbon bonds and atomic bond reactions and responses.

Prof. Baran

Prof. Yu

Prof. Yu recollected on his fondest memories during his time as a student at ECNU, at the same time he clarified ECNU as one of the cornerstones in his professional career as a scientific researcher. Afterwards he discussed some of the important concepts and latest research findings in hydrocarbon selectivity and activation. And he expressed to the student body how learning more is beneficial; striving to accumulate theories and studies from various fields by what he labeled as “diving into the old for bringing out the new”.

The seminar was a packed house, with a very lively atmosphere. Prof. Yu opened up a discussion forum with two other Professors during the proceedings.

The audiences interact with the visiting professors.

The students embraced the elegant style of such remarkable field chemists, especially for Prof. Yu’s humor and inspiration - he encouraged students to be brave and compassionate when pursing one’s research interests.

The visiting scholars hold a converstion with professors of the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. 

That afternoon the visiting scholars held a converstion with professors of ECNU's College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering . They acknowledged other works of ECNU scientists for their excellent findings in scientific research, encouraging them to push for more sustained results in the future.

In conclusion Yu Jinquan was very impressed with the progress made thus far at ECNU’s chemical molecular engineering facilities. Though he believes that talent cultivation will be key to more achievements in the future. 


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