Fantastic reunion: 2017 ECNU Alumni Homecoming event


The 2017 ECNU Alumni Homecoming started off at Zhongbei campus on October 6. It covered a variety of subcategories within the alumni ranks: 26 plenary sessions, 23 schools/collegies and 51 grade-levels out of a total of 1279 alumni. Indeed, it was a memorable day at the Li Wa river basin for all ECNU alumni attendees.

At 9:30 a.m. the opening ceremony of the Alumni Homecoming officially began at Si Qun Hall. Among the attendees were ECNU vice president Sun Zhenrong, ECNU vice president & chairman of the ECNU Alumni Association Mei Bing, ECNU Alumni Association secretary general Xing Hexiang and leaders from various ECNU departments; even Alumni Association representatives from Singapore, United States, Canada and Zhejiang were in attendance.

After conducting the national anthem Mei Bing gave a speech on behalf of the ECNU Alumni Association to pay respects to the alumni, expressing how honored it was to have them back on campus. She also revealed some of the outstanding academic achievements at ECNU in recent years.

Mei Bing pointed out that as of September this year, ECNU has climbed its way into the world rankings of first-rate universities. She called for the alumni in attendance to support ECNU’s “double first-class” initiatives, in hopes to augment progress for the future.

In accordance with the arranged festivities there were some spectacular events, such as the nostalgic university luncheon and visit to the univertiy’s history museum.Furthermore, the Alumni Association Union Foundation unfolded the “Li Wa Charity Fund”, which was praised highly by the alumni whose unconditional generosity is foretelling - their contributions will have a large impression on the students currently attending ECNU - not only by their generous grants but also leading by example to those students. Each alumni’s act of generosity reflects solemnly the ECNU pledge - “Love in ECNU”.

The annual ECNU Alumni Homecoming, sponsored by the ECNU Alumni Association, has been a special event for the university since it was established in 2015. It has received widespread support and acclaim for its programs - and not just for its alumni gathering.

ECNU has also worked to achieve a higher quality of services, cultivation of a campus culture and playing an insurmountable role in facilitating ties between the alumni, faculty and student body, in order to pursue a common goal under the ECNU banner.  


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