ECNU anniversary: Calligraphy and seal cutting exhibition held


To celebrate the 66th anniversary of the founding of ECNU, an exhibition of calligraphy and seal cutting was held at the Global Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages on October 16.

Among 100-strong attendees at the opening ceremony were Tong Shijun, the University Council chairman; Gong Ruodong, secretary general of ECNU’s Development Advisory Committee, who is also a counselor to the ECNU Museum; Tang Liang, president of Australia ABS and vice chairman of Putuo District's top advisory body; and writer Shen Qiaosheng.

Tong Shijun and Gong Ruodong present certificates to winners of the award.

Tong extended a warm welcome to the guests, expressing his devotion for ECNU to the exhibitors. He commented on the university's all-round disciplinary fields, which has solidified sustained results for the development of faculty and students.

He stressed that cultural origins form the solid foundation on which an honorable university is assembled - the latter is also crucial to the university’s worldwide prestige. The ECNU Museums therefore display a wide array of disciplines and items that embody such academia.

After the speech, Tong presented honorary certificates to winners of the “Distinguished Artwork” award, including Gu Qin, Tang Liang, Zhang Suo, and Shen Qiaosheng. Gong Ruodong handed out prizes to winners of the “Excellent Artwork” award, including Liu Yaqing, Gao Rong, Pan Sisi and Xu Gengshuo.

Since April ECNU artists’ works in calligraphy and seal cutting have been featured on display for teachers, students and alumni from across the world. These initiatives have been carried out by the co-operation of relevant organizers, the ECNU Museum, the University Publicity Department, the ECNU Archive Hall, and the Academy of Art.  

The artwok is exhibited at the Zhongbei campus.

By the end of August, they had collected more than 200 pieces of artwork from over 130 people. The collective works take on themes ranging from ECNU’s university anthem, school motto, and maxims of prominent educators to self-written congratulatory poems during ECNU’s past anniversary celebrations.

Calligraphy, a distinctive feature of Chinese culture which has its roots in Ancient Chinese history, stands out in light of its diverse forms, such as seal scripts, regular scripts, running scripts, and cursive scripts. All of which themselves take various style forms: scrolls, sheets, banners, long scrolls, fan surfaces, couplets and central scrolls. These artistic forms, with its longstanding historical significance, contain artistic and aesthetic values inherent in works of the modern era.

An expert panel has chosen 20 of the entries (excluding the specially invited works) for the “Excellent Artwork” award and 75 for the exhibition itself. All entry works collected by the ECNU Museum and the Archive Hall will be issued a collection certificate from the museum. The exhibition will be on display one month for viewers.



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