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Jin Jufang wins Fu Lei translation Award


Two pieces of translated writings were named as the prestigious winners of the 8th Fu Lei Translation and Publishing Awards on November 26.

Jin Jufang wins Fu Lei Translation Award.

One of them was “The Locust Tree”, or “L'Acacia (1989)” in French, written by French novelist Claude Simon and translated by Dr. Jin Jufang with the Department of French of ECNU, which won the top award for literature.

For eight years, the Fu Lei Translation and Publishing Awards, founded by the French Embassy in China in 2009 to remember monumental Chinese translator Fu Lei, has been dedicated to honoring prominent Chinese translators who work hard to introduce French literature to Chinese readers. Each year, it selects two best Chinese translations of French books, one novel and one social science fiction. It launched a Best New Translator award in 2013. 

“L'Acacia  (1989)” records vicissitudes of a family in one and a half centuries and life experience of a man growing from a teenager to an old man. All but a biography of the author, Claude Simon blended real life of his ancestors, parents and himself into the novel.

Simon won the 1985 Nobel Laureate in Literature and was dubbed the “Magician of Language”.

Jin Jufang

Jin’s translation retained characteristics of the original work while making some changes that fits the structure of Chinese language. She did an excellent job in using the most precise Chinese words to revive the rhythm of the French book.

Jin pursued advanced studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3 in France after receiving a bachelor’s degree from the Department of French of ECNU in 2004. She received a master’s degree and doctorate degree in comparative literature at the French university. 

She returned to teach in ECNU in 2011 and has been engaged in Sino-Chinese contemporary literature and aesthetics of reception studies. She wrote a book in French titled “History and Fiction: Claude Simon and Yu Hua’s Writing” and her translations included “Loved One’s Handbook”, “What Happens to French Writers”, “Complete Works of Beckett”, and “The Locust Tree”.

East China Normal University