ECNU delegation visits Europe


A delegation led by Yang Changli, vice chairman of ECNU’s Unviersity Council, paid a 5-day visit to Europe for a round of friendly discussions and exchanges with universities and institutions of three European countries from June 18 to 22.

In an effort to promote academic cooperation at the international level, the delegation went to Charles University in Prague of the Czech Republic, Slovak University of Science and Technology of the Slovak Republic, Wailian Group of Hungary, and Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest.

Yang meets with Charles University's vice principle Jan Skrha, finalizing a cooperation deal.

Yang visits ECNU alumna working in Czech.

During a meeting with Charles University's vice principle Jan Skrha, Yang introduced the three strategic initiatives - internationalization, cross-disciplinary integration and informationalization - that will be implemented in ECNU's international education strategy. Additionally, the Five Plus Action Plan consisting of education plus, ecology plus, health plus, 'intelligence plus and world plus was discussed to share some of ECNU's most ambitious goals.

It was noted in the meeting that currently the partnership between ECNU and Charles University revolves around Chinese language and literature disciplines, although they are tapping into ideas for potential cooperation in PE science.

The two universities finalized a deal for international exchange and cooperation that will commence in 2019, mainly to increase the level of cooperation in student exchange programs, so that more students can study at ECNU and Charles University, respectively, and in order for the first group of Czech students studying Chinese language to study in ECNU next year.

Trip to the SPECTRA Excellence Center in the Slovak University of Science and Technology.

During a stay in Slovak University of Technology, ECNU visitors received a warm welcome from its principal Robert Redhammer. During a meeting with Yang, the host said the Slovak university, as the largest and most prestigious science university in the Slovak Republic, tops the country in civil engineering, space design, environment and information technology, and attaches great importance to cultivating students' skills and capabilities in scientific research.

Yang expects further collaboration with the Hungarian university.

Delegations from ECNU and Eotvos University of Budapest

Stressing that ECNU shares a common purpose with the Slovakian university regarding the nature of students' innovations in academicresearch, Yang called for both parties to broaden their collaboration in the field of ecological and environmental studies in the future, and join hands to endeavor more international cooperation for scientific research projects.

The ECNU delegation's trip to Europe culminated in their visit to the SPECTRA Excellence Center in the Slovak University of Science and Technology, which holds in-depth cooperation with ECNU on ecological and environmental studies - such as the ecological project in Chongming Island - where the delegation was briefed about the progress of the cooperative ecological project on the alluvial island to the east of Shanghai. While visiting Eotvos Lorand University, which is now a partner of ECNU in Chinese language education, Yang said she was looking forward to further collaboration with the Hungarian university in areas such as preschool and special education, psychology, history, philosophy and law.


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