ECNU Campus holds fitness extravaganza full of fun


On November 7-8, under the banner of “Healthy study, healthy lifestyle, sports campus” the ECNU Campus Fitness Extravaganza was held at the Minhang campus to promote on-campus fitness activities. It incorporated many new, specialized and worthwhile running exercises for the 3000 students and faculty in attendance.  

The Fitness Extravaganza was jointly held by ECNU’s School of Sports and Health, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and sponsored by Visa Company.

The entire event was divided into two days following two main activities: the ECNU Campus Youth Run and Night of Fitness. The start and finish line of the ECNU Campus Youth Run were set at the West Track and Field on Minhang Campus.

It was preceded by a riveting display put forth by the members of the Constellation Theme Campus Carnival, which turned the West Playground into a jubilant and exciting scene ahead of the starting gun.

From start to finish, each participant embodied the kind of youthful spirit inherent in young athletes - a healthy, progressive and positive attitude for the whole event.

After the finish of the ECNU Campus Youth Run, specially assigned Trainer Xu Wenlei assisted participants in TAIJIZEN, a cool down exercise that displays a traditional form of exercise in Chinese culture – Taiji.

On the second day, with the spirit of youth at ECNU in full-force, the Night of Fitness was held to cap off the Fitness Extravaganza. This event was attended by national fitness trainers including Yangzi, Ma Baobao and Gao Qinyu, who led the faculty, students and alumni in a series of outdoor fitness exercises – such as yoga, SHANG-DANCE and kick-boxing. 

SHANG-DANCE, a huge hit with the participants, is a form of dance peculiar to most conventional dancing styles; radiant lights glimmering into a magical, mysterious glow with each step made for intriguing and methodical movements.

After the final kick boxing activity, a student from the Department of Communications shared her thoughts on the ECNU Campus Fitness Extravaganza: “This is the most fabulous and professional campus activity I have ever participated in. The Fitness Extravaganza is vigorous, youthful and full of fun!”


East China Normal University