Shanghai International Elite 10K finishes at Zhongbei


On October 29, competitors of the PHICOMM Shanghai International Elite 10K Race made their way to the finish line at ECNU Zhongbei campus. At the Suzhou River Sightseeing Pier, 6000 of the participants lined up at the starting line, subsequently traversing onto East Yunling Road and byways in Putuo. They passed through Changfeng Park until finally arriving at the final destination – Sports Stadium on ECNU Zhongbei campus.

 The entire competition was monitored by the ECNU Security Office, whose professional service was the result of a united effort to ensure the safety of all participants. Moreover, along with the safety mechanisms put in place for the competition the racetrack was enclosed for the racers safety; enhancing concentration and eliminating distractions.

Towards the final stretch of the race, the cheering band for the Shanghai International Marathon cheered on racers with heartfelt passion and sincerity as they looked on. After the grand finish, staff services provided by ECNU handed out fine refreshments and hospitality to the contestants while they were simultaneously entertained with a concert performance.

 According to reports, 16 top international athletes took part in the event. This is also the 2nd time the finish line of the Shanghai International Elite 10K Race was demarcated at the Sports Stadium of ECNU Zhongbei campus. ECNU Vice President Sun Zhenrong issued awards to the winning contestants after the race was finished.




East China Normal University