ECNU teams shine at National Innovation Competition


AT the Shanghai contest of the 4th China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, fourteen ECNU students went home claiming honors in all three classes - three gold, six silver and five bronze prizes in total.

All ECNU teams are awarded.

The university was conferred the Excellent Organizer Award and finished 2nd in terms of gold prizes and total medals among its Shanghai competitors. The Mitang health project team won the Most Creativity Award.

Known to be trendsetters in their respective fields, the three gold-winning projects were highly innovative and addressed human needs of substantial integrity. They are Shanghai STEM Cloud, a leader of the education plus information technology industry, Shanghai Mitang Biological Technology Co. Ltd., a prominent innovator in diabetes treatment, and Shanghai Yige Biology, who represented Shanghai's only organization working with protein transfection reagents.

Shanghai STEM Cloud center

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Shanghai STEM Cloud center, led by Zhang Yizhong of the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering of ECNU, is China's first platform in STEM education supported by Shanghai science and technology associations, ECNU and other universities and organizations at home and abroad,. In today's technology industries, the education plus information technology has set the standard for innovation, creativity and achievements.

Zhang Yizhong presents STEM education theory.

The center offers customized STEM courses and teacher training programs that are easy to implement into Chinese primary and secondary schools. Its platforms are in use in more than 400 schools across the country. It has widespread partners and a surplus of provinces and schools who have joined hands with the center to launch their own STEM education development programs.

Global reformer of diabetes diagnosis and treatment

Shanghai Mitang Biological Technology Co. Ltd., a project run by Shao Jiawei of the School of Life Sciences, strives to become a global reformer of diabetes diagnosis and treatment. It has developed the world's first cell drug and an intelligent diagnosis and treatment system for diabetes that features high efficiency, precision and long-distance accessibility.  

Members of Shanghai Mitang Biological Technology Co. Ltd.

This has eased worries over the pressing issues of diabetes patients in regards to the side effects,, unrestricted doses, high medical bills and tedious procedures for seeking medical treatment; it represents a successful case on the results of the health plus industry.

Lab research on the company's world-leading technologies has been completed and the results have been published in the world renowned magazine Science Translational Medicine.. The company has applied for five domestic and international patents, more than 100 media organizations and magazines, including the official state-run Xinhua News Agency,, -- the official website of the People's Daily,, China Global Television Network, BBC, MIT Technology Review, IEEE Spectrum published by IEEE, and the Science Daily to name a few.

TransExcellentTEand GreenTransfectionGTseries products

The Shanghai Yige Biology project is led by Yu Jingwen of the School  of Life Sciences. It is designed to be a high-tech company that integrates R&D, sales, and be dedicated to the research and development of transfection reagents, or small molecular drug delivery carriers that are natural, highly efficient, and less toxic.

Members of the Shanghai Yige Biology project.

Its services are oriented to the needs of labs, hospitals, research institutions and biomedicine companies. The company has developed TransExcellentTEand GreenTransfectionGTseries products. The TE products comprise DNA transfection reagents, RNA transfection reagents and protein transfection reagents, which are superior in high efficiency, low toxicity and friendly prices. They are applicable for multiple cell lines, research of cellular and molecular levels and early development of biomedicines.

The GT series includes the RNA transfection reagent, which is made of natural macromolecular polymer and plant extracts. The product is highly efficient, applicable for multiple cells and non-toxic. It also can be used for some special cells. It is particularly usable for the research and development of biomedicines and disease treatments.

At present, the TE products are available in Beijing and Shanghai, and sold to hospitals, universities and biomedicine research institutions. The institutions applied the products in animal cell research experiments in an attempt to make new medicines. At present, the recommended TE products are TE-DNA, TE-RNA and TE-protein.

The list of winners of gold prizes

This year's China Internet+ College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition set up 30 gold prizes, 90 silver prizes and 400 bronze prizes. Less than one of every 10,000 participants won the gold prize, no more than two of every 10,000 the silver prize, and only one of every 1,000 the bronze medal. The projects have to go through rounds of competitions at the university level before being submitted to the city-level contest as entries, and only gold prize winners of the city-level contest are qualified to enter the national competition.

This year's Shanghai contest attracted 36,679 teams with 8,589 entries from 60 universities and research institutions. While participants doubled last year's number, only five more gold awards were added to this year's list. A total of 24 gold prizes, 54 silver prizes, 142 bronze prizes and 17 excellence prizes were handed out this year.

ECNU has won Brilliant Organization award.

Since ECNU's three gold-winning project teams specialize in different disciplines, it allowed their advantages to complement each other in the development of these projects. Core members of the two projects are run by the School  of Life Sciences and the students - who played an indispensable role in the projects - belong to the Faculty of Economics and Management. The winners were said to have won the judge panel's respect due to their skill in presenting the technologies concisely and in layman's terms. 

Edited by Lijing Linla Zhang Proofread by Mayfield Joshua Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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