‘Beautiful Shangrao’ art exhibition opens


If you visited Hall 1 of the Shanghai Library recently, then you may have decided to add one city to your list of next tourist destinations after your visit. The art exhibition titled “Beautiful Shangrao, a High-speed Rail Hub - In the Eyes of Shanghai Artists”, officially opened at Hall 1 of the Shanghai Library on November 14.

A ceremony was held to unveil the exhibition, which was co-hosted by the Publicity Department of Shangrao Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Publicity Department of ECNU, Shanghai Library Convention & Exhibition Center, and www.artac.cn.

Ren Youqun (Left) introduces a painting to some guests of the exhibition.

Chen Peiqiu, a Shanghai-native and virtuoso artist, wrote an inscription for the exhibition and Shi Ping acted as the curator. Among the officials, artists and businessmen in attendance were Hu Jinjun, deputy head of the Publicity Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC; Chen Chao, director of the Shanghai Library and Institute of Scientific & Technical Information of Shanghai; Ding Xiaosheng, head of the Publicity Department of Shangrao Municipal Committee of the CPC; Ren Youqun, executive deputy Party chief of ECNU who is also vice mayor of Shangrao; Shi Ping, chairman of www.artac.cn; Zhou Jinhu, chairman of Hongsheng Construction Investment Group who hails from Shangrao; and artists Fang Shicong, Che Pengfei, Wan Futang, Zhou Genbao, Long Chunli, Fang Guanghong, Xu Weide, He Chengxi, Liu Huiming, Wang Dazhou, Ding Shenyang and Zhu Jiejun.

The exhibition features 120 paintings, calligraphy works and photos by 17 Shanghai artists, which unfold majestic scenes and radical changes that have taken place throughout the history of Shangrao in Jiangxi Province.

The Shangrao exhibition was acclaimed to be a milestone for collaboration between Shanghai and Shangraoa city that is less than a three hours’ high-speed rail trip from Shanghai. The exhibition aims to engage mutual understandings between the people of both cities, propel artistic and cultural exchanges and sustain collaboration in developmental innovations.

In a speech, Ren, who acted as a mediator for the exhibition, said the high-speed rail link draws Shangrao closer to the Yangtze River Delta cities and makes for feasible, closer integration of these two cities. The collaboration between ECNU and Shangrao in hybrid research-industrialization, teacher cultivation, education parks establishment and e-education is taking on good momentum, according to him.

The painting “Shangrao Concentration Camp” .

At the same time, Shanghai artists at the opening ceremony, including Zhu Jiejun, Zhou Genbao, He Chengxi, He Chengjue and Liu Huiming, donated some of their paintings to the Publicity Department of Shangrao Municipal Committee of the CPC.

The “Shangrao Concentration Camp”, “Mountain Flowers in Full Bloom”, “Ancient Town in Autumn is All Red” and “Watching the Turtle Peak with Smile” were of the paintings selected for donation. Zhu Jiejun is an associate professor of ECNU’s school of Fine Arts.

Hu Jinjun, Chen Chao, Ding Xiaosheng, Ren Youqun, Gong Xinhan, Shi Ping, Che Pengfei and Zhou Jinhu cut the ribbon for the exhibition, officially beginning in a new phase of development and cooperation between Shangrao and Shanghai.

In March this year, a campaign themed “One Metropolitan and One City, Art First - Shanghai Artists Tour Shangrao” was launched by the Publicity Department of Shangrao Municipal Committee of the CPC, Shanghai Cultural Innovative Industry Resources Alliance and www.artac.cn.

In a time span of two months, led by Shi Ping, over 20 reputed Shanghai artists and painters, entrepreneurs, actors, collectors and journalists traveled across Shangrao to take in its splendid sights, which, ultimately, became the inspiration for their masterpieces displayed at the exhibition.

In August, a new book “Shanghai Artists Drawing Shangrao” debuted at the Shanghai Book Fair, signifying the commencement of the Twin City Times. 


East China Normal University