Books about China's educational development published


A series of books about the modernization path of education in China over the past 40 years have been published by the East China Normal University Press.

Yuan Zhenguo, chief editor of the books, said the education development of China over the past 40 years has been the epitome of the reform and opening-up of the whole country.

“China resumed the practice of college entrance examination and began to send students abroad for study 40 years ago,” Yuan said. “They are typical examples of China’s reform and opening-up in education and have showed great influence in educational modernization in China.”

The 10 books in the series were compiled on different themes about how education in China has been developing, such as from uniformity to diversity and from passive learning to active learning.

The East China Normal University Press also signed a contract on Sunday to authorize the Peter Lang Publishing Inc to publish the paper and digital versions of the books in English.

“China has made great achievements in educational reform and opening-up and many countries are interested in getting to know the details and learning from our experiences,” said Li Na, commissioning editor of Peter Lang. “We are happy to support them in such exchanges.”

Source: SHINE


East China Normal University