Robots steal the scene


The 1st ECNU Robotics Contest took place in the Information Building on November 15, combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology.

Hosted by the Academic Affairs Office and organized by the School of Information Science and Technology, the contest was themed Dancing Melody of Youth, attracting 27 teams involving nearly 100 contestants from the Meng Xiancheng Academy, Guanghua Academy, School of Foreign Languages, and Design School, among other departments and schools.

The jury comprised Lei Qili, chief of the Academic Affairs Office; Han Jianshui, Party chief of the ECNU Library; Li Yanlei, deputy chief of the Students’ Affairs Division; Wan Shanshan, vice dean of the Daxia Academy; and Huang Luxia with the Academic Affairs Office.

The opening ceremony itself was a technological display circus. Five helicopter models lined up to hover over the crowd in the lobby of the Information Building, carrying welcome slogans, while a quadrotor made by students of the School of Information Science and Technology delivered the opening speech for the ceremony.

Lei extended warm welcome to the guests and contestants. He also acknowledged that humans are entering the era of AI, which the contest provides students with a stage for fair play, bridges disciplines and new intelligence technologies that have achieved cross-disciplinary exchanges and multidimensional innovations.

Following the speech, Lei joined other university officials to ignite the “Hello Robot” lamp. Next, signaled by a badminton launcher, ribbons and salvo were fired into the air for the beginning of the contest.

Teams competed in the two categories separated by dancing and technology, operating their yellow robots to perform proper actions. In the dancing category, teams improved the robots provided by the contest organizer before putting them onto the game field. The robots stood upside down, did the splits, rolled around and executed push-ups to a rhythm of fast tempo music.

The robots were also required to perform compulsory and optional exercises that were graded closely on their complexity and fluidity by the jury pursuant. 

A judge panel and a public jury of 20 students voted to select Wang Xiang’s team to be the champion, Yan Cunjie’s team runner-up and Yin Changke’s team the second-runner up. Tian Yinghong and Jing Yuzhu were awarded the title of Excellent Counselors.

The development and application of robots is at the frontier of cross-disciplinary initiatives in advanced technologies, such as electronics, information, materials and bionics. 

As a trial innovation, combining learning and practice within science disciplines, the robotics contest was a successful showcase not only for fresh, innovative technologies but also brought forth new ideas for lecturing and practice in the academic world.


East China Normal University