4 ECNU scientists win National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars


Four ECNU scientists receive the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

AN unprecedented mark was reached this year when four ECNU scientists received the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, which ranked 7th among the total of Chinese universities by annual selections and an all-time high in ECNU history.

Bu Wenbo and Zhou Jian with the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Cheng Yiyun with the School of Life Sciences, and Hou Lijun with the State Key Lab of Estuarine and Coastal Research were among the 198 contestants from all across China to win the honor.

The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars aims to attract young talents in science in order to encourage overseas Chinese scholars to work in China, thus ushering in a sizeable amount of prominent intellectuals and academic researchers at the forefront of science and technology.

Tong Shijun meet the four  awardees and other distinguished ECNU scientists and scholars.

The National Science Fund also supports young Chinese scientists under the age of 45 working domestically or abroad in the fields of basic research and applied basic research, whose applications for the Fund are evaluated once a year.

The rate of acceptance is less than 10 percent per year.

ECNU, one of China’s top universities climbing its way to “world class” status with its initiatives in talent cultivation, places professors at the top of each discipline. During a meeting with the four awardees and other distinguished scientists, Tong Shijun, chairman of ECNU’s University Council, said ECNU could not have been where it is now without contributions made by professors of their kinds and he believes the growth of young professors will help make a better future for the university.



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