International Cultural Festival showcases worldwide culture


ON the night of Dec.1st, “Talent show”, a performance competition party of ECNU’s 11th International Cultural Festival was held to a packed house in the ECNU Sports Stadium on Minhang campus.

Some of the most unforgettable displays during the festival consisted of song and dance routines, instrumental arrangements, jujitsu, sketches and choir. Cai Xiaobin, a student from Thailand, pulled off his one-of-a-kind Sichuanese operatic performance called “Changing Masks”. This performance was a thrill ride from beginning to end, keeping the audience on their toes for each momentum swing.

Students from Russia displayed their ballet routine called “Art on the Tiptoes”, which indulged the audience with a fresh taste of the classic Russian dance. A transitional point of the event, without a doubt, was the Rap & B-box performance - exemplified by up tempo rhythms and carried out with a vigorous, energetic attitude.

In the end it was a Thai student’s rendition of Cinderella that took home the crown of the 11th International Cultural Festival at ECNU. They portrayed the classic Cinderella story as a musical comedy, inciting several moments of laughter from the crowd.

Besides the “Talent show” party, there was also a Mini-Expo held at Zhongbei Campus on Nov. 29 during ECNU’s 11th International Cultural Festival. At the Mini-Expo, students from over 40 countries showcased the cultural features of their countries by various performances, costumes and delicacies.

In view of the rapidly growing number of international students at ECNU per year there is sure to be more international flavor and culture on the campus by next December. This year’s International Cultural Festival at ECNU comes to an end, but the 12th International Cultural Festival at ECNU will be around the corner soon.


East China Normal University