New Journey of 2018 ECNUers


FALL 2018, East China Normal University welcomed its class of 2018 from all over the world along the banks of the Liwa river and the Cherry river at the ECNU campus. Along with its beautiful scenery and new buildings, the more than 10,000 university students of the post-00 era now have the opportunity to play a major role in the expanding institution of higher education in Shanghai.

ECNU welcomes its class of 2018 from all over the world.

Thus, in order to help students adapt to university life, various departments and schools have carefully planned and customized a sincere gift package for the 2018 freshmen that encourages them to be more confident and independent during their time at ECNU.

Welcoming strategy

To welcome the ECNU freshmen of 2018 various departments and student organizations have posted school funding policies, life tips and key locations for students to integrate into campus life more quickly; other strategies for freshmen were also promoted through new media platforms, such as Weibo, WeChat and Douyin.

Voluntary guidance.

The Office of Student Affairs published its Hello, New ECNUers series, which includes information about freshman counselors, freshmen registration, registration guidance, campus map and dormitory arrangements.

More than 200 volunteers went to five of the subway stations off-campus including Shanghai Railway Station, Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Jinshajiang Road Station and Dongchuan Road Station. 

Pick-up service at railway/metro stations.

Later on, the university leaders Tong Shijun, Qian Xuhong, Yang Changli and Li Zhibin visited the orientation site to welcome the new ECNUers, and also expressed their appreciation to those volunteer teachers and students.

University leaders welcome the 2018 ECNUers and express their appreciation to volunteers.

Nearly 300 new washing machines have been purchased by the Ministry of Logistics to accommodate the need of 2018 ECNUers, in addition to new anti-theft locks and anti-mosquito screens that were installed into selective dorm units.

We care for every dream

This year's Green Channel of Love Sailing Project opened up new forms of financial guidance for many of the new students which, in some cases, granted tuition compensation based on the actual financial situation of the student. Besides financial aid, however, ECNU focuses on the development of long-term education for each new student. For instance, every student participating in the  Green Channel of Love Sailing Project will be provided with various free training courses including foreign language abilities, computer applications, teamwork awareness, communication arts, job hunting skills, entrepreneurship skills, etc. Various learning-based programs such as motivational lectures, skills training and enterprise internship are also offered to students with economic difficulties.

Green Channel of Love Sailing Project.

New semester package.

Basking in the Great Love of ECNU.

It is reported that the school will provide nearly 400,000 yuan of special assistance for freshmen by the end of September making it one of the largest funded programs for international students at ECNU. For further references about the Fall 2018 semester find these available resources: ECNU Handbook for Freshmen, Guidance for Enrollment and First Class of the Semester.

Faculty of Education: An orientation of folk dance with ethnic features.

Meng Xiancheng College: Take you to the “dream” station.

Colleges of Economics and Management: An orientation of graffiti art.

Daxia College: “Through eye contact, it is confirmed that you are one of us”.

Guanghua College: “Engrave your dream, live up to it”.

Department of Politics: Preparation for freshmen.

School of Law: An orientation of pair works.

School of Foreign Languages: organizing freshmen to send postcards.

School of Psychology and Cognitive Science: A series of orientation activities “Let’s Be Psy”.

School of Information, Science and Technology: An exhibition of students’ works.

Translated by Wenjun Guo Edited by Siyuan Zhang    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo Mayfield Joshua


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