ECNUers' New Era of Facial Recognition Registration


STARTING this year ECNU has launched a facial recognition system for all students registering in the Fall semester of 2018 at ECNU.

Since last semester the student facial recognition registration system had already been launched and put to test at the School of Design at ECNU. After successful trial periods it was available to all students on campus this semester. Students can now register through Wechat by mini-program facial recognition or through integrated facial recognition machines on campus within 15 seconds.

WeChat mini-program facial recognition registration

After logging into the ECNU public account and accessing its database for identity confirmation, students can record and upload the 4-second video according to the prompts given by the software application; the system will automatically detect and compare the video images. Once the comparison matches, the registration process is completed and thus the clear facial photo on their campus card is confirmed by the facial recognition software.

Integrated facial recognition machine registration

By swiping their card or entering the student's account information, live photos are collected through digital camera binoculars - a device with built-in camera technology for taking photos, recording and comparing data - which have been used throughout the ECNU campus and is incredibly efficient for the facial recognition registration process.  

With the implementation of such highly technological devices and machines ECNU is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that are being employed in academic institutions throughout the Chinese Mainland. These advanced technological features can be seen in a wide range of places at ECNU such as conference registration, door entries and attendance.

Translated by Wenjun Guo Proofread by Mayfield Joshua


East China Normal University