Nothing artificial in volunteers' intelligence


About 1,000 volunteers, mostly from local universities, will be on  hand to attend to the needs of international participants in the World  Artificial Intelligence Conference to be held in Xuhui District next  week.

Volunteers receive first aid training at the West Bund in Xuhui District  yesterday to prepare for next week’s World Artificial Intelligence  Conference.

The volunteers, recruited from more than 20 universities,  will provide information, first aid and interpretation services to  speakers and other participants.

They will be highly recognizable, in brilliant white T-shirts with a reflective silver WAIC logo on the chest.

Training  began yesterday at conference venues on Xuhui riverside, otherwise  known as the West Bund. The four-day training sessions include English  conversation, handling emergencies and an introduction to the West Bund  area.

“We volunteers all have good English skills and a vocabulary  laden with AI-related words,” said Song Sai, a postgraduate student  with East China Normal University

The computer science sophomore said she was both excited and nervous to work at such a high-profile international event.

Song’s  classmate Wang Rui is among the “personal attendants” for VIP  participants at the conference, especially those from abroad. “I have  received training in both English language and etiquette to make the  guests feel at home,” she said.

WAIC is expected to attract 270 speakers including top business executives and leading researchers. 

From  September 17-19, executives from tech companies will discuss the impact  of artificial intelligence on the economy and society.

Source: SHINE


East China Normal University