ECNU Artworks@Shanghai Jing'An International Sculpture Project


THE artworks of both teachers and students from the public art design school of ECNU have been put on display at the Shanghai Jing’An International Sculpture Project. This project is held once every two years and it has been the second time that ECNU artworks are qualified for the project. The most recent of the works at the exhibition in Jing'an district come from three young teachers and their two students at the ECNU School of Design. These three teachers all graduated from ECNU with a major in public art design.

Compared to most of the other artworks on display at the Shanghai Jing’An International Sculpture Project, ECNU's young artists' artworks show a wider range of experimentation by capturing life as if the viewers were experiencing it in the moment.

The “eldest” among them is Gao Ruyun, a well known young artist both at home and abroad; the “youngest” are Wu Muhan and Feng Ruihua, who are still undergraduates in ECNU. They are the only undergraduates whose artworks are exhibited this time.

In recent years, a growing number of young artists at ECNU have been cultivated from the public art design and are active both at home and abroad. This has already become a phenomenon within contemporary art circles in Shanghai.

It is illustrated that under the guidance of core educational values of humanistic design - with its emphasis on the academic world - the ECNU School of Design has attached great importance to the creation of independent and liberal ideas through the cultivation of arts and aesthetics. So by bridging the gap between theoretical studies and creativity the ECNU faculty, along with the talented students they have fostered, have given art education in Shanghai a fresh look with a new state of being.

Artwork Collection:

On that day by Gao Ruyun.

The sun on the grass by Rao Kaixi.

Deformation of yellow rubber by Rao Kaixi.

Laaaaaaake by Zhang Kerui.

A piece of curved wind by Zhang Kerui.

Golf club and golf barre by Wu Muhan.

Plop2018 by Feng Ruihua.

Translated by Siyuan Zhang  Proofread by Mayfield Joshua   Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University