100 year textbook collectibles exhibition held


ON December 1st, the inaugural ceremony of the “Culture Memories: 100 Year Textbook Collectibles Exhibition” was held on the second floor of the ECNU library at the Zhongbei campus. The exhibition was jointly sponsored by the ECNU Museum, ECNU Higher Education Institute and Capital Normal University Textbook Museum.

Various textbooks are exhibited.

The exhibition held on Friday contained standardized textbooks as well as self-published materials. In addition to textbooks categorized by each academic subject there were a variety of specialized materials, including textbooks published since China’s Reform and Opening-up policy, localized textbooks, textbooks designated for women and textbooks conforming to the customs of China’s ethnic minorities.

The exhibition attracts many visitors.

The all-encompassing format of the textbook exhibition reflected many of China’s societal transformations: cultural transitions, academic restructuring, indigenous cultures, social stratification, localized cultures, gender roles, ageing and cohort studies.

The 100 Year Textbook Collectibles Exhibition highlighted the development of China’s educational structure and national identity. In doing so, many of the concepts explored in those textbooks shed light on such social transformations in order to enlighten the next generations of China.


East China Normal University