2017 Student Commendation Conference held


2017 ECNU Student Commendation Conference is held.

THE 2017 ECNU Student Commendation Conference was held at the gymnasium of the Minhang campus on December 6 to acknowledge ECNU students for their wide-range discoveries and superior talents in academics.

ECNU leaders including Tong Shijun, Yang Changli, Fang Ping and Li Zhibin attended the conference and granted awards to winners of the University President Scholarship for Postgraduates, National Scholarship, National Endeavor Scholarship, Shanghai Government Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Scholarship for Excellent Ethnic Minority Students, Internet+ College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and the National Challenge Cup.

Of all the awards presented at the conference, the National Challenge Cup - also known as the Chinese Olympics of science and technology - undoubtedly stands out to most Chinese university students for its emphasis on extra-curricular inventions in science and technology.

The National Challenge Cup is a biennial event that was first hosted by Tsinghua University in 1989. It is considered the most prominent and influential competition among undergraduates in China striving for innovations in science and technology - and an incredible feature to accentuate China’s accomplishments in the academic world. At the 15th National Challenge Cup held this year, ECNU students earned a first-place prize, two second-place prizes, two third-place prizes and a progressive innovation prize.

Lin Kang

Yun Ting

Lin Shunhao

On behalf of the award-winning student body, Lin Kang,Yu Ting and Lin Shunhao expressed their utmost gratitude towards their teachers at ECNU in their speech at the Commendation Conference.

Lin Kang is a doctoral student of the 2015 class of the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy and winner of the University President Scholarship for Postgraduates. Yu Ting is the prizewinner of the Internet+ College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Lin Shunhao is a prizewinner of the Challenge Cup. They each discussed their insights with the audience looking back on their past experiences at ECNU and working with academic research.

Tong Shijun delivers a speech at the conference.

ECNU Council Chairman Tong Shijun congratulated all the award-winning students and praised ECNU students for their vitality, courage, wisdom, and enthusiasm in academics and innovation.

He advised students to be strict with themselves in order to make greater contributions to the society in the future, in which he encouraged the entire ECNU faculty to hone in on every student’s efforts to succeed in their own ambitions and push forward the motto of ECNU so as to bring glory to the Alma Mater.

He also referred to his vision of ECNU as a world class university, welcoming more international elements and contributions made by ECNUers on a global scale.

More than 400 students wining the prizes and honors attend the conference.

Tan Yaru, a young teacher with the Department of Music, instructed the ECNU choir on their rendition of “Raise Me Up”. Her fellow teacher Wu Ruirui performed his solo of “I Love You China” which was an outstanding show for the audience - a show-stopper to the effect of thunderous applause from the crowd.


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