Undergraduate curriculum design contest ends


Ten teachers participate in the final.

THE ECNU Undergraduate Curriculum Design Competition kicked off in June with the goal to upgrade each teacher’s common purpose and sense of mission in the classroom. The competition finally wrapped up in December after months of fierce debate and passion.

Forty-six entries were issued by 22 schools and departments contending for prizes at the competition.

After a preliminary round of expert reviews and votes cast by students, 10 teachers were selected for their technological know-how, e-teaching platforms and distinguished curriculum designs. Teng Tangwei with the School of Urban and Regional Science was one of the 10 teachers who advanced to the final.

The finale of the competition is held.

The finale of the competition was chaired by Tan Fan, director of ECNU Teaching Commission, who oversaw the finalists’ answers about their teaching goals, highlights, methods, student evaluation and curriculum characteristics.

The questions were designed by a seven-member judge panel of experts who rated the teachers’ performance based on indexes of the curriculum theory, teaching contents and activities, student evaluation methods and online teaching construction.

Xu Mofan with the Department of Chinese Language and Literature took home the Extraordinary Prize; three teachers, including Zhang Meiling with the School of Life Sciences, carried off the first prize; the second prize went to six teachers, including Jiang Hong of the Computer Center; and Li Xiaofang of the School of Life Sciences and nine others claimed the Excellence Prize.



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