New approach for generation of spiro stereocenters found


 Zhou Jian (Left) and his student Xu Pengwei

ON Jan.20, Nature Communications on line published “Diastereo- and enantioselective [3 + 3] cycloaddition of spirocyclopropyl oxindoles using both aldonitrones and ketonitrones”, the latest achievement of Prof. Zhou Jian’s research team. It reports Zhou and his team members’ new synthetic strategy for the efficient generation of spiro stereocenters.

Optically active spirocyclic compounds play an important role in drug discovery, and new synthetic strategies for the efficient generation of spiro stereocenters are in much demand. Zhou and his team members reported a catalytic enantioselective cycloaddition using spirocyclic donor–acceptor cyclopropanes as a promising approach for the generation of spiro stereocenters.

Zhou Jian is a professor at ECNU’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. His latest research  will contribute to the discovery of bioactive molecules and drugs. The work has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Xu Pengwei, a PhD candidate is the first author of the paper.

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