2018 CSC Experience China "China Scientific Expedition Trip" hosted


ON a sunny day in late September, nearly 100 CSC Scholarship students from five universities in Shanghai joined the 2018 EXPERIENCE CHINA ‘‘China Scientific Expedition Trip’’ on Sep. 29th. The trip was organized by ECNU and hosted by the China Scholarship Council. It was jointly organized by Fudan University, Shanghai Normal University, Donghua University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 

2018 EXPERIENCE CHINA ‘‘China Scientific Expedition Trip’’.

Students visited the acclaimed Chinese ice-breaking research vessel Xue Long, made a trip to Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall, dazzled at the waters of the ECNU Yangtze River Estuary Wetland Ecosystems Monitoring Studio, and enmeshed themselves into one of China's most celebrated ecological environments by taking part in agricultural activities. 

On the first day, research scientist on glacier studies Li Yuanshen shared his experiences from his recent trip to Antarctica, where he introduced the latest findings of China's Antarctic field research team. Researcher Li answered questions from the students about his recent visit to the Xue Long vessel.

Researcher Li Yuansheng shared the experience of the Antarctic expedition with students.

The students learned the history of Chongming Island on their visit to the Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall. In addition to its focus on the processes of development and construction, the conceptual and practical achievements of the national ecological island were explained in detail.

Visit to the Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall.

Experience ecological farm in Chongming.

The final day, students traveled to the ecological farm in Chongming. They were deeply moved by the new changes which have took place throughout modern Chinese farms.  The experience on Chongming Island from 29-30 September allowed for students to learn more about Chinese contemporary polar studies, and experience the conceptual and successful implementations of Chongming's ecological island construction and sustainable development.

Edited by Zhang Linlan   Proofread by Joshua Mayfield  Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University