"Alumni Day" at ECNU


ON a brisk fall day in October, ECNU alumni relived their campus experience during the 2018 ECNU alumni day event held at the Zhongbei Campus, where over 1460 alumni ranging from 15 years of graduation, 14 schools, and 56 classes gathered to become re-acquainted with their alma-mater. 

"Alumni Day" at ECNU.

In the morning, with excitement in the atmosphere, ECNU alumni assembled in front of Siqun Hall where they signed their names while socializing with one another, reminiscing on the former school days and wonderful adolescent years at ECNU. 

As the inheritors of ECNU academic tradition it is clear that no matter where they are and what they are doing in their lives now they will always send their best wishes to ECNUers of all generations. 

Opening ceremony for "Alumni Day".

The Alumni Association and Foundation have jointly founded several special funds with School of Design, Law School, Faculty of Economics and Management, School of Computer Science and Software Engineering. This year, they raised money to help those people in need, fulfilling their promise to the motto “Love in ECNU”. 

Old-fashioned canteen meals.

Alumni on a guided tour in School History Museum.

Activities on the scene.

Since 2015, ECNU alumni day has been held annually by ECNU Alumni Association. It was strongly supported by many of the university's departments such as the School Office, the Publicity Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Security Department, the Logistics Department, the Library, the Archive, etc.

Alumni wore the Cap and Gown once again.

In order to ensure the success of this year's alumni event over 50 students provided voluntary works such as committee arrangements, receptions, media reports and so on. This was a crucial part of the process to carrying out the alumni event with minimal restrictions. 

Old memories brought to mind.

Fund-raising activities for the school.

Over 50 volunteers worked for "Alumni Day".

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University