Huashen coffee cultural festival


ALONGSIDE the Liwa River on a sunny Autumn afternoon the 5th Huashen Coffee Cultural Festival---an annual culture-nurturing project---was held for students and faculty. This festival combines both Chinese and western forms of arts, such as poetry, music and painting. 

Opening ceremony for the Huashen Coffee Festival.

It also represents the international ECNU brand, introduces the Chinese Haipai style coffee and presents a grand celebration of cultural elements from the East and West.

There were various activities set up during the festival including the “Situational musical recitings”, “Traditional Chinese poetry performed through Bel Canto”, and seminars that address to the teachers and students such wonderful activities that invoke the imagination,  like reading and boating in the river.

Performers put on a fantastic show.

In addition, Huashen Coffee Cultural Festival included Latte Art appreciation, mug painting and even some technological shows that featured 3D printing.

Coffee element at the scene.

Translated by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University