ECNU Prof. Feng Shaolei Takes Home Valdai Club Award in Sochi


30 September-October 3, the 16th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club was held in Sochi, Russia with the participation of 140 members from 30 different countries, including politicians, senior scholars, social activists and entrepreneurs.

ECNU Prof. Feng Shaolei Takes Home Valdai Club Award in Sochi

ECNU Prof. Feng Shaolei received the Valdai Club Award for his work in promoting Russian studies, issues in international affairs and friendship between China and Russia. He is also director of the ECNU Center for Russian Studies, a research institute in humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, and director of ECNU Collaborative Innovation Center for Peripheral Cooperation.  

Since the meeting was closing in on China’s National Holiday and 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on October 1, Prof. Feng received a standing ovation while attendees showed their appreciation and support for this monumental event in the PRC’s history.

The headline for this year’s Valdai Discussion Club was “The Dawn of the East and the Political World Order” in which some of the main topics among experts at the meeting included: the Impact of East Asia on World Order, the Role of Asia Under the Change in International Affairs and Current Trends and Prospects for Cooperation Between Russia and East Asian Countries. 

The Valdai Club Award was established in 2016 whereby it instantly formed a key feature of the annual meeting, as the award is given to those who are making the most significant contributions to understanding and explaining changes and trends in world politics. Every year, the winners are elected by ballot through an international review committee assembled by the organizers of the Valdai Discussion Club. Five people have won the award since 2016.  

Established in Moscow in 2004, and proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who takes part in the international forum of the meeting every year, the Valdai Discussion Club is a think tank and discussion forum for the world’s renowned experts and scholars on Russian affairs. In October 2017, the ECNU Center for Russian Studies appeared at number one on the official roster of international partnership institutions with the Valdai Discussion Club.

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