2019 ECNU Alumni Day is held during 70th anniversary of PRC


During the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC), the ECNU Alumni Day was held to commemorate the university’s 68th anniversary on October 6. This year's Alumni Day was based on the theme: Heart of the Country, Honor of ECNU.

The opening ceremony of Alumni Day is held in Siquntang.

More than 1,300 alumni from 25 grades, 17 colleges, and 68 classes from the years 1959-2019 gathered by the Liwa River to be on the campus once again as they had during their studies at ECNU.

Graduate student Han Shiyu and undergraduate Yang Guangyu host the ceremony.

The audience sings the national anthem.

In his speech, Vice President Sun Zhenrong first extended his gratitude in welcoming the alumni to ECNU. He pointed out that since the beginning of 2019, many of ECNU’s alumni have received national awards for their work in promoting cultivation, civilization and development.

Vice President Sun Zhenrong delivers his speech.

Class flags are presented to the alumni.

ECNU alumni talk about their memories of ECNU.

Traditional Chinese folk orchestra plays.

Guo Xizhen of the Music Department sings I Love You, China.

The Play Principal Boqun is adapted from the history of ECNU.

A photo of the Alumni Day Launch Ceremony.

Vice President Sun also introduced alumni services such as alumni innovation support and alumni research. He encouraged alumni to offer advice and suggestions for the development of ECNU’s campus and faculty.

A series of events set up for ECNU alumni took place at multiple locations on campus. In the cafeteria, the alumni counter provided a free lunch. Alumni passports were given to the alumni for them to set foot on a meaningful revisit to the “Far East's most beautiful campus” and take photos in front of the school monument and the library.

The alumni also visited the ECNU history museum to see the their old student cards, organized a class meeting to relive their times in Wenshi Building and Tianjiabing Education College and wore the Bachelor’s Gown on the lawn where they graduated. Additionally, they were introduced to the “forest” conservation donation project.

Campus lunch tickets.

Alumni passport stamps.

Alumni visit ECNU history museum.

Back-to-school alumni class meeting.

Alumni Lin” Conservation Donation Project Promotion.

Road show of each department attracts visitors.

Group photo of ECNU Alumni Day volunteers.

Hosted by the ECNU Alumni Association, the annual ECNU Alumni Day has played an active role in joining together the ECNU alumni and promoting the mutual development between alumni and schools. Since it began in 2015, Alumni Day has become one of ECNU’s hallmark activities.

Translated by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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