UOA President David Turpin Lectures on World-Class Universities at ECNU


10 October, President of the University of Alberta (UOA) David Turpin was invited to the ECNU campus for a wonderful academic engagement and meeting. His lecture to ECNU faculty and students on “Building World-Class Universities” has become a strong topic in ECNU’s drive to become a world-class university through cooperation with other international universities. A reception was held afterwards exclusively for the people who attended the lecture.

UOA President David Turpin lectures on world-class universities.

President Qian Xuhong praised the ECNU-UOA cooperation that has been running strong for 10 years, notably the prominent ECNU -UOA Advanced Science and Technology Joint Research Institute that was established as a result of such close cooperation. Moreover, the two universities have achieved a great deal in the field of photoelectric information and advanced nanomaterials by jointly-establishing research institutes and talent training programs.

President Qian Xuhong makes a welcome speech

After addressing these achievements, President Qian talked about the task the two universities share in the shaping of a Sino-Canadian model for other universities in China; others should follow suit by collaborating internationally for innovations and research in science and technologies at the level of higher education. He gladly welcomed President Turpin to visit ECNU again in the near future.

Next, President Turpin emphasized the primary characteristics of a world-class university. He elaborated on the ideal university culture pursuing excellence that should promote among universities. He  also went into details on the foundational elements of any world-class university, which includes excellent students, faculties and staff, community services and international cooperation, facilities, free exploration and academic freedom, university sustainability, and school leadership.  

David Turpin and Alberta alumni

Interestingly, he shared some of his experiences while working as a principal for Victoria University in Canada – before he was staffed at University of Alberta - to give a talk about his work in the past eighteen years. This part of the speech drew enthusiastic responses from the audience, such as Alberta alumni and local reporters, and brought about some anticipated questions during a lively Q and A session. President Turpin then interacted graciously with the guests at a reception held afterwards.

David Turpin, a Ph.D. in marine botany and an Honorary Doctor of Law, is the 13th President of the University of Alberta where he started on July 1, 2015. In addition, he has a Canadian Medal of Honor, works as a Fellow of the Royal College of Canada, and served as president of the University of Victoria from 2000 to 2013.

Written by Wenjun Guo  Proofread by Joshua Mayfield 


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