With the beautiful sunshine, nearly 100 CSC Scholarship students from 3 universities in Shanghai, joined 2019 EXPERIENCE CHINA Trip. The trip was organized by ECNU under the host of the China Scholarship Council. It was jointly organized by Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Students visit the Polar Scientific Research Institute.

Researcher Li Yuansheng shared a lot of stories about their own participation in the Polar Scientific Research Institute, which gave students a deep understanding of the hardships and difficulties of scientific research.

Students visit modernized agricultural park.

Students went into the greenhouse and observed a series of automated systems for the cultivation, growth and sales of organic fruits and vegetables in modern agriculture; Visited Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall to learn and understand the development history of Chongming, and felt the speed of development in Chongming.

Students visit Chongming Planning Exhibition Hall.

In order to have more in-depth experiences about the daily lives of Chongming people's new rural life, the students visited the Huaxi pilot village in Lvhua Greentown on the second day. Through a series of photos and objects, students were allowed to get to know the history of the village, and the tremendous changes in rural development and peasant life during the past 10 years of China's reform and opening up. Students also walked into the villagers’ homes, made dumplings and dug sweet potatoes with them. Through experiencing the life of the new rural people, students not only felt the hospitality of Chongming people, but also had a bite of organic and green farm food for the first time.

Visit villagers.

Make wonton with villagers.

Visit agricultural park.

Students and villagers are happy together.

Through these two days, students were able to get in touch with and learn about the polar studies in contemporary China, and experience the concept and successful practice of Chongming's ecological island construction and ecological sustainable development. 

Source:ECNU International Students Office

Edited by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University