141 ECNU volunteers chosen out of 1200 to serve import expo in Shanghai


For the second China International Import Expo in Shanghai, ECNU will send a 141-member volunteer team to work there from November 5-10. An inauguration ceremony and oath-taking rally were held in mid-October to keep the volunteers informed on their duties and responsibilities for the event.

The 141 volunteers were selected out of more than 1,200 applicants due to their political accomplishments, voluntary service resumes, oral English skills, interpersonal communication skills and social manners. Wu Chenfei, an outstanding volunteer from the First China International Import Expo, shared her experience last year and encouraged her peers to give the world a good image of ECNU and China.

Wu Chenfei, an outstanding volunteer from last year's CIIE, gives her speech.

At the ceremony, the ECNU Volunteer General Team was set up with Yang Changli, vice chairman of the University Council. She hoped the volunteers will cherish the honor of serving the expo and provide quality services to the special guests coming to Shanghai. She urged all ECNU departments to coordinate and provide additional support when necessary.

The university will hand out uniform and u-shaped pillows to the volunteers. The u-shape in ECNU love U stands for showing love to others and the pillows represents the university's wish for the volunteers to have a good rest, saving their vitality and enthusiasm for the expo.

Cheng Yichuan, a teacher with Meng Xiancheng Academy, taught them skills in interpersonal communications and emergency response treatment, while Yang Qingyuan, a student with the Department of Education, shared her story as a volunteer at the Astana World Expo.

On the morning of October 19, the 141 volunteers attended an oath-taking ceremony at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Wu Ruirui, a teacher with the School of Music, and Zou Shiming, China's most successful boxer, who is now a teacher of the College of Physical and Health Education, will sing songs at the expo to entertain the guests. Zou is one of China’s most successful athletes and was a former boxing champion. He was chosen by ECNU to be the Ambassador for Young Volunteers.

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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