International Eco-Island Science Alliance established on Chongmind Island


October 18-19, The Workshop on International Ecological Islands took place on Chongming Island in Shanghai, announcing the establishment of the International Eco-Island Science Alliance. The headquarters of the science alliance will be on Chongming Island.

This year’s theme Chongming Island of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow followed a similar theme from last year's International Forum on Ecological Civilization on Chongming Island.

Workshop on International Ecological Islands is held.

Annually hosted by ECNU, the workshop invites experts and scholars of nearly 30 prestigious research institutions and universities from all over the world such as China, the United States, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Thailand, Romania and Estonia. They provided recommendations for the development of Chongming Island as a model for world-class ecological islands. Sustainable development of global ecological islands is also a major topic in building an International Eco-Island Science Alliance.

The newly established International Eco-Island Science Alliance will conduct international cooperative research on a wide range of issues related to the ecology and sustainable development of islands, help break scientific and technological barriers in the construction of ecological islands, and build Chongming into a world-class innovation base for the development of ecological islands.

Seminars are held by scholars from across the world.

Additionally, the science alliance will carry out international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of ecological agriculture, ecotourism, wetland protection, new energy, environmental pollution control, education and public awareness in order to turn Chongming Island into a world-class ecological island. Thereby developing new technologies and methods, improving wetland and coastal management, curbing species invasion, easing air pollution, and protecting water environment and resources.

Achieving sustainable development of islands by promoting ecological education, raising public awareness and participation, and enhancing people's understanding of ecological islands is also a key point in spreading more about the ecological islands.

International Eco-Island Science Alliance is established on Chongmind Island.

In recent years global scientists started to work substantially with long-term cooperation for ecological island construction and research, thus the science alliance provides strong scientific support for the concept and implementation of turning Chongming Island into a world-class ecological island.

After the meeting about the science alliance, the attendees took a tour around the Dongtan Wetland Bird Nature Reserve on Chongming Island to know more about the history of the wildlife reserve, migration and habitat protection of migratory birds, and prevention of invasive species.

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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