Li Daoji elected member of UN advisory board on marine plastic waste


October 17, ECNU professor Li Daoji was elected to be the UN Environment Program Scientific Advisory Board on Marine Plastic Waste and Micro Plastics. The latest meeting with board members was held in Nairobi, Africa, where Li was elected and became an official member.

Li was nominated by the Chinese Government for his reputable work in marine sciences. He is currently the only Chinese member on the advisory board. At the meeting, Li suggested that the assessment of marine deep-water and seabed plastic wastes should be included into the agenda as one of the important topics for discussions.

The advisory board comprises world-renowned scientists from 69 member states of the United Nations. The main job of the advisory board is to convene existing relevant scientific consultation initiatives and provide support for the following activities: compile available scientific data and other related data and information to determine plastic and micro plastic pollution sources, evaluate their harm to the environment and prevalence in rivers and oceans as well as adverse impacts on the ecosystem and human health, and provide a theoretical basis for the potential adverse effect of environmentally friendly technology innovation.

Meanwhile, the advisory board jointly works with other countries on plastic wastes and micro plastic marine wastes at the international level through unified monitoring, reporting and assessment methodology and data collection. This is to provide policy and operational support for environmentally friendly technologies and innovations while reducing global waste discharge to the sea (including plastic waste and micro plastics).

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University