International students from over 50 countries embraces the ECNU Mini Expo


November 16, the “Mini Expo” of the 13th International Cultural Festival at ECNU was held. International students from more than 50 countries and five continents, including students from other universities in Shanghai came to the festival.

The “Mini Expo” of the 13th International Cultural Festival.

Assistant to the president of ECNU Lei Qili, stated in his speech, “The International Cultural Festival lives on as a memory of campus culture, and it has also become a bright label for the international trend of ECNU.” He also addressed international students, “Regardless of skin color and nationality, various cultures gather and blend here, reflecting the excellent cultural bearing of ECNU as a first-class internationalized university.”

Assistant to the president of ECNU Lei Qili.

Li Mingtao, a master’s student of class 2018, majoring in international relations, shared his experience with Chinese culture in Bulgaria while participating in the Chinese Bridge-where he made it to the finals-and at that time he hoped that he would be able to study abroad in China.   After getting his chance to come to China, he hasn’t missed out on any of the campus activities, especially the sports meeting and field trips. These activities enable him to personally witness China’s path to modernization and development.

Li Mingtao, a master’s student from Bulgaria.

A stage was set for international students who were dressed in their own national costumes, taking turns to give their performances to the audience-as they would in their own countries.

International students give their performances to the audience.  

The opening ceremony.  

The Mini Expo Commemorative Passport was prepared by the sponsor, which allowed the participants to collect the exclusive stamps of different countries and start a global tour within the ECNU campus.

The Mini Expo Commemorative Passport.

At the Mini Expo, international students from 50 countries set up their own booths, displaying exquisite crafts and exotic cuisine which were carefully designed by the students. In addition to the mini expo, there would be more events as part of the cultural event series such as a photography contest called China in my eyes, cultural salons and artistic performances.

Exquisite crafts and exotic cuisine.

Primary school studnets take part in the Mini Expo.

ECNU adheres to the principles of “stable scale, optimized structure, standardized management, and guaranteed quality” by continuously facilitating its process of internationalization. The number of international students has increased to 6,000 from more than 130 countries at ECNU, ranking among the top ten in the country for international student enrollment.

The Mini Expo.

The International Cultural Festival started at ECNU in 2006. The festival encourages Chinese and foreign students to share and promote cultural exchange and integration in order to enrich their understanding of different cultural backgrounds

Translated by Siyuan Zhang    Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


East China Normal University