Two new study spaces are open on campus 24/7!


'Zhixian Hall' is a recently opened 24-hour venue located in the center of Minhang campus. Complete with a treasure trove of unique patterns, from the main reading room to the wide windowsills, ECNUers are welcome to use their laptops or books anywhere throughout the open space.

Two new study spaces are open on campus 24/7.

Shirly is an ECNUer from Department of Education who shared her opinion on Zhixian Hall. "Zhixian Hall not only offers a comfortable reading environment but it can accommodate both socializing and studying needs for ECNUers," she said. "There is nothing like walking into the 'Zhixian Hall', seeing the 8-meter tall bookcase that looks like a waterfall, and instantly feeling my productive levels surge through the roof. It puts me in a state of mind to get my assignments done immediately."

Inner design of Zhixian Hall.

Located inside the Zhixian Hall, the ‘Zhaowen Room’ is the first immersive space for learning and innovation which is open 24/7 in ECNU. Equipped with computers, high speed internet connection, sound systems and more, it is one of the best places for ECNUers to engage in innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research collaboration.

Zhaowen Room

According to ECNU president Qian Xuhong, ‘Zhixian Hall’ and ‘Zhaowen Room’ will serve as a platform for colliding ideas and exploring knowledge. It is a place to showcase China’s intangible cultural heritage and  students' entrepreneurial practices and projects.

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