ECNU renews and improves long held cooperation with ENS


On December 11, ECNU renewed its agreement on PROSFER (Program of Sino-French Education for Research), a joint graduate program originally established in 2002, with the ENS Group of France. The ENS Group of France has a strong academic partnership with ECNU, to which the renewal of PROSFER has elevated the two universities’ strategic cooperative partnership.

Agreement renewal ceremony.

The ceremony for the agreement was held in France’s second largest city, at the ENS Lyon campus, witnessed by ECNU president Qian Xuhong and ENS Lyon president Jean Francois Pinton. This year also marks the 55th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations.

President Qian gives a speech at the ceremony.

In reviewing the remarkable achievements of PROSFER over the past 17 years, Qian was confident in that the renewal of PROSFER would be of great significance to ECNU’s international plus action plan while continuing to build on ECNU’s ambition to become a world-class university.

ENS Lyon’s Jean Francois Pinton shared his views on the agreement with ECNU. "It is very important for us to work with ECNU. We have bred two 'children' in the past 17 years of cooperation and they have grown up well. The two children that Pinton refers to are PRoSFER and JoRISS (Joint Research Institute for Science and Society) which have been jointly set up through the close cooperation of the two universities."

Keitaro Nakatani, vice president for research of ENS Paris-Saclay, applauded the agreement on behalf of Pierre Paul Zalio. "PRoSFER is a rare, long-term and sustained cooperative project that we have ever signed with an university", Nakatani said.

Lu Qingjiang attended on behalf of the Chinese consul general in Lyon. She commended the fruitful results of PRoSFER in which cooperation between ECNU and ENS is at the forefront of Sino-French university cooperation. She noted French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for enhanced cooperation between Chinese and French universities in his congratulatory message on the 55th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations earlier this year.

He Qiwei, a PRoSFER doctoral student who now studies in ENS Lyon, told his personal story to the audience, giving insights on his study abroad experience and expressing his gratitude to his Chinese and French academic advisors.

ENS Lyon lab.

President Qian visits doctoral candiates from ECNU.

On the same day, president Qian attended a meeting of the JoRISS Advisory Board, which was jointly hosted by ECNU, ENS Lyon and France's National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS). Qian delivered a post-meeting lecture titled First-class University Contributes to Cross-cultural Communication of the World-the Mission and Practice of ECNU whereby he expounded on ECNU's three missions: talent cultivation, civilization and development. Meanwhile, enhancing the level of international development with more universities, pioneering in educational reforms and fostering deeper Chinese cultural exchange programs.

The ninth meeting of AEBS's co-management committee.

Qian visited the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyon, on December 12, where he held talks with Alain Labat, vice president of the New Franco-Chinese Institute. They discussed the future of university cooperation.

President Qian visits the New Franco-Chinese Institute of Lyon.

A meeting was then held between Qian and Tawhid Chtioui, president of Emlyon Business School, in order to discuss the next round of framework cooperation between ECNU and AEBS (Asia Europe Business School) along with the 2020-2025 development plan.

Qian proposed four points about the school's strategic development, including combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs (including interdisciplinary programs), integrating innovative technologies and management, and updating business administration education. The suggestions received strong support from his French counterparts.

To date, ECNU has achieved deals with 28 French universities and institutions, ranging from comprehensive universities, Nouvelle Sorbonne and Université Paris Dauphine; ENS universities, ENS Lyon and ENS Paris-Saclay; elite business schools, Emlyon Business School; and high-level research institutes, the National Council for Scientific Research.

ECNU and its partners enjoy innovation and cooperation through joint-training double-degree programs for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. Moreover, university cooperation is exemplified by furthering student exchange programs, short-term study tours, international scientific research cooperation platforms, international cooperation labs and jointly-run schools with universities outside of China.

ECNU has become a major destination for French students, annually receiving 700 students from France for both long-term and short-term study. ECNU’s Chinese-language courses and the English-taught Global China Program, of which France takes the third-largest source of ECNU’s international student body, have been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years.

Edited by Linlan Zhang     Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo


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