ECNU delegation renews cooperation and visits Haifa University


15-16 December, ECNU president Qian Xuhong led a delegation to visit the University of Haifa at the invitation of the Israeli university. During the trip, ECNU’s Qian Xuhong held two separate talks with Rob Robin, president of Haifa University, and the university’s rector Gostavo Mesch.  

The host university extended a warm welcome to the ECNU delegation, noting the importance of Qian Xuhong’s first visit since he assumed office as ECNU president. Both sides were satisfied with the cooperation between the two schools, notably the strong progress under the development projects of the ECNU-Haifa Joint Technology Institute (JTI).  

ECNU’s Qian Xuhong also stressed that Haifa is an important partner of ECNU and expressed the willingness to deepen cooperation with Haifa in multiple fields, such as joint student training, academic research and jointly running cooperative schools.

  ECNU’s Qian Xuhong holds a talk with Rob Robin, president of Haifa University.

ECNU’s Qian Xuhong holds a talk with the university’s rector Gostavo Mesch .

At a special seminar, ECNU’s Qian Xuhong on held a discussion with the CTO (chief technology officer) of project cooperation between the two universities where he gave a detailed account of how and why ECNU proposed the project, as well as the strategic planning laid out for it. His speech was followed by an introduction made by Prof. Qian Haifeng, executive vice head of the JTI, who spoke on the project's planning, design and development needs.  

At the seminar, both parties discussed in detail the curriculum setting, training objectives and operating schedule. Meanwhile, ECNU’s Qian Xuhong and University of Haifa’s Ron Robin also made their presence at the second meeting of the Joint Administrative Committee of the JTI. They commended the remarkable achievements the institute has made in the past year and vowed for more support for developing projects from ECNU in the future.

  The discussion with the CTO (chief technology officer) of project cooperation.

In order to expand on bilateral cooperation, ECNU’s Qian Xuhong made four proposals: set up a counterpart research fund to finance joint research projects, build an international joint laboratory, accelerate the development of the CTO project, and explore cooperation in Arabic learning as suggested by University of Haifa’s Ron Robin. The suggestions were agreed to in that the JTI serves the common interests of ECNU and Haifa University, which promises stronger support from Haifa in personnel and finance. The number of exchange students between ECNU and Haifa has steadily increased in recent years—94 ECNU students were dispatched to study in Haifa in 2019 alone. 

  The second meeting of the Joint Administrative Committee of the JTI. 

At the meeting ECNU and Univeristy of Haifa renewed the Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities. 

 The Memorandum of Understanding is renewed between the two universities.

The delegation visits the university museum.

The ECNU delegation also visited the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Computer Department, Marine Sciences Department and the university museum during the two-day tour of the university.

Edited by Siyuan Zhang     Proofread by Joshua Mayfield    Reviewed by Wenjun Guo



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