ECNU's big data project wins national science and technology award


A group of ECNU researchers led a project on big data that won the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (Second Class)—the highest award for science and technology in China. The award was issued by the State Council.


The annual State Science and Technology Awards.(Photo by Liu Bin)

The annual State Science and Technology Awards was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on January 10th. President Xi Jinping and other State leaders, including Li Keqiang, Wang Huning and Han Zheng, granted medals and certificates to distinguished scientists and engineers for their outstanding achievements in big data research.


Hu Huiqi, Zhou Xuan, Zhou Aoying, Qian Weining, Cai Peng(from left to right)

The award-winning project Distributed database system supporting Internet-level core business was conferred to ECNU professors of the Data Science and Engineering School, including Zhou Aoying, Qian Weining, Cai Peng, Zhou Xuan, Hu Huiqi, Zhang Rong, Zhang Zhao, Dong Qiwen and Gao Ming. The project was jointly completed by Zhendao Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 

This project studies on the Internet-level transaction processing technology, whereby the results revealed a series of innovations, such as flexible and scalable distributed database architecture, consistent and available transaction processing methods and distributed query optimization and query parallel execution technology. All of these aspects contribute to the efficiency, scalability and performance of distributed databases while highlighting the technical difficulties—via Internet phenomenal loads—that affect those databases.  

So far, the project has gained 16 authorized patents, 13 software copyrights and 105 paper publications.  

The results from the project have successfully entered into various industries—finance, telecommunications, logistics, smart marketing—for assisting and promoting the processes of transformation in tandem with upgrades to technology. While adhering to the fundamental concept of application-driven innovation, the project’s main focus is to explore a path for upgrading and replacement engineering for basic software in China.  

A total of 296 projects and 12 scientists were awarded at the ceremony. Among them, 2 academicians received the top science award, 46 projects were awarded with the State Natural Science Award. 65 projects were awarded with the State Technological Invention Award.  

Another 185 projects received the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award, including 3 special-prize winners, 22 first-prize winners and 160 second-prize winners. 10 foreign experts won the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.  

The State Science and Technology Awards (SSTA) are the highest honor in People's Republic of China for citizens and organizations who have made remarkable contributions to scientific and technological innovation. The awards are conferred by the State Council for outstanding individuals and institutions in the fields of science and technology. The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award falls under one of the categories of the SSTA.


Written by Guo Wenjun, Li Jing

Proofread by Joshua Mayfield


East China Normal University