ECNU Newsletter released


Dear readers,

Happy Chinese New Year!

At this special time of the year, we would like to present you with the first issue of East China Normal University (ECNU) Newsletter. This is an effort to brief, on a monthly basis, our international students, foreign faculty and staff, overseas alumni, and foreign partners on the state-of-the-art development of ECNU. 

This issue is a review of what was accomplished by ECNU during the entirety of 2019, focusing particularly on the university’s work on talent training, scientific research, community service and international exchanges. It also introduces you to the vibrant campus life ECNUers enjoyed in the past year.

Also in this issue is an introduction of the “5+ Action Plan”, a strategic new move the university has taken to meet the development needs of the country and to elevate itself into a first-class university in the world.

To serve our readers better, we are open to all comments and suggestions.

Once again, we wish you, your family and friends a happiest and most prosperous Chinese New Year! 

Yours sincerely,

Newsroom members

The International Communication Office

The Publicity Department, ECNU

ECNU Newsletter Issue 1.pdf


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