International students at ECNU:we can't just stand by!


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has not only stirred the blood of all Chinese, but also that of a lot of foreigners. For example, the international students at ECNU have also kept a close eye on the latest development of the epidemic, and tried to do what they can to help fight the virus.

Donation certificate issued by ECNU Education Development Fund.

The international students from the School of Advanced International and Area Studies donated a total of 5,000 yuan to the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University in support of the anti-epidemic work. “As a country with a civilization of more than 5,000 years, China has experienced and overcome numerous hardships and difficulties. This epidemic is just another one. It will only make the Chinese people more united,” said Sasha, a Russian majoring in international relations. “We believe that China and Wuhan will win this battle against the virus.”

Chinese ambassador to Laos Jiang Zaidong makes a speech at the donation ceremony.

Sisavath Phonenasay, a Laotian student from the School of Advanced International and Area Studies and Chair of the Laotian International Student Association in Shanghai, organized all Laotian students in Shanghai to make a donation of 8,368,000 kip (equivalent to nearly 7000 yuan) to Hubei Province. He also worked with other Lao institutions to make donations to China and acted as the chief translator at the donation ceremony jointly hosted by the city of Vientiane and the Laos-China Friendship Association on Feb. 11.

Sisavath Phonenasay (center) and some Laotian students in Shanghai on the donation ceremony.

Nodirjon Boymirov, an ECNU alumnus from Uzbekistan, is currently in charge of the Labour Union of Lt Textile International in Uzbekistan. At the outbreak of the virus, he sent a letter to ECNU expressing his concern and encouragement, as well as his confidence in China to win the fight. At the same time, Lt Textile International has donated 110,000 masks and 210 sets of protective clothing to Xinjiang, which is neighboring to Uzbekistan.

Habibur Rahman, a student from Bangladesh majoring in Chinese International Education, encouraged other Bangladesh students in China to donate immediately after he heard that the university’s fundraising channel for Wuhan was open for donations. Md. Abdullah al Mahbub, a Computational Mathematics student and Saifur Rahmanm, a Politics student, and other students from the Bangladesh students’ community responded quickly, raising a total of 2,000 yuan for donation.

Masks and protective clothing donated to Xinjiang.

“The new coronavirus is threatening people’s lives. We can’t just stand by,” said Habibur Rahman. “No matter which country we come from, we must unite. We also want to express our support and friendship to Wuhan and the Chinese people. We firmly believe that China will win this battle soon. We love China, and China is our second home!”

Edited by Linlan Zhang    Written by Xu Xincheng    Proofread by Philip Roger Nash    


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