ECNU expresses concerns to its students studying abroad


“I feel so warm and touched, ”

said some ECNU students studying at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di MILANO) in Milan, Italy.

Recently, ECNU students studying at NABA received a special gift from the university: 300 surgical masks. One hundred of them were donated by Wu Xiaodan, a NABA’s representative in China, and the other 200 by ECNU’s School of Design with the support of the Academic Affairs Office and the University Infirmary.

These masks were sent on February 26 from Shanghai and arrived in Milan on February 29. On March 2, they were distributed among the students. Together with the masks were a card that read “Forza Cina e Italia! (Stay strong, China and Italy)” and a letter from the School of Design.

The students in Milan make a vedio to show their thanks

Ma Xiaorui, a postgraduate from the School of Design, and eight of her classmates were responsible for distributing the masks. For safety’s sake, they chose an open space on campus to distribute the masks. “Italy has suffered the most serious outbreak in Europe. The masks sent by our university make us feel very warm.” Ma said. 

Ma and her classmates distribute the masks

To curb the spread of the virus, NABA has moved in-person classes online for a month from March 2.“The masks from ECNU let me know that many people in China are concerned about us. Now, I have a better understanding of the well-known saying ‘basking in the great love of ECNU’.said Wang Yingmiao, an undergraduate student from the School of Design.

As the number of COVID-19 cases outside China continued to climb, the World Health Organization named the virus as a pandemic on March 12. ECNU is concerned about the outbreak outside China, especially in Italy, as it has 571 students currently studying in 41 overseas countries and regions.

On behalf of all ECNU students studying in Britain, a student expresses thanks to the university

ECNU students in France express thanks to the university

When the outbreak of COVID-19 began to spread outside China the university contacted these students studying abroad, inquired about their health conditions, sent them manuals and guidelines on COVID-19 prevention, and offered to provide any necessary assistance.

The university’s Academic Affairs Office and Graduate School have sent surgical masks to 156 ECNU students studying in other severely hit countries or region and asked these students to take good care of themselves and report their health conditions to the university on a daily basis.

Author: Yu Wenxi

Source: School of Design, Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

Editor: Theresa Yu


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