Prof. Tian Yang appointed by Britain’s RSC as Associate Editor of Chemical Communications


Chemical Communications

Prof. Tian Yang, dean of ECNU’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, was recently appointed as associate editor and a member of the editorial board of Chemical Communications.


Chemical Communications is a scientific journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) in Britain, which is one of the most important academic societies in the field of chemistry. Chemical Communications mainly reports the latest progress in the field of chemistry. It is not confined to reporting findings in traditional disciplines alone, but focuses on interdisciplinary research and the latest innovations and practical applications in science and technology as well. In order to publish the latest research progress in the earliest time possible, the journal requires its contributions to be innovative, short and concise.

Tian Yang(middle)and her research team member

On her appointment to RCS, Prof. Tian Yang said: "I would like to thank the RSC for their sincere invitation to join the editorial team of Chemical Communications. We look forward to working actively and closely with top international chemists to advance the development of chemical science in China."


After obtaining her PhD at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Prof. Tian Yang did her post-doctoral research at the University of Tokyo. She is now a chair professor of ECNU and dean of the School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. She won the first prize of Science and Technology Award of Association for Analytical Testing of China in 2011, the Distinguished Lectureship Award of Chemical Society of Japan in 2013, the Female Analytical Chemist Award of Chemical Society of China in 2015, and the first prize of Natural Science Award of Shanghai in 2018.

Tian Yang and her team won the first prize of Natural Science Award of Shanghai in 2018

Up to now, she has published 115 research papers in influential academic journals and co-authored a book in a series on vivo analysis. Her appointment as associate editor of Chemical Communications by the RSC is a recognition of her outstanding contributions to analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and chemical biology.

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