Seminar on first-class university construction to be hosted monthly at ECNU


On April 2, a seminar on constructing the first-class education discipline was held at ECNU to improve the university’s governance capacity and promote its system innovation.

Starting from this semester, the university will host a seminar on a monthly basis to discuss measures for decision making and implementation and discipline assessment.

The seminar on April 2 was the first of the series of seminars on education to be hosted. Meanwhile, ECNU will carry out an integrated assessment of all its academic disciplines to roll out its 14th Five-Year Plan(2021-2025).

Reporting on the status quo and development of ECNU’s education discipline, director of the Faculty of Education Yuan Zhenguo stated that the Faculty of Education would give top-priority to the construction of the “Brain Science and Education Innovation Institute” and the “International Institute for Intelligent Education”. The latter will focus on frontier research, such as adaptive intelligent education and global online-merge-offline (OMO), to transform education from standardization to individualization.

Yang Rong, director of the Department of Development Planning, delivered analyzed the development of the education discipline from three perspectives: achievements made, comparison with other universities, and suggestions for future development. She pointed out that the education discipline of ECNU has gained strong momentum for development in recent years.

Mei Bing, chair of ECNU’s University Council, concluded the seminar with a speech. She said that many of the new concepts and proposals in the reports shall be seriously considered by the university. She also said that only when advanced concepts and plans are materialized can the goal of building a first-class university be eventually achieved.

Source:International Communication Office

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yu Wenxi


East China Normal University