ECNU develops popular online course for pupils


Recently, “Pushkin and His Creation during the Plague” became the teaching material for the popular online course “Cloud Classroom During the Pandemic”. The course R&D team, known as “ECNU Hope Transmitters”, wish that this course can offer a chance for children to understand Pushkin, the great Russian writer, and the impact of the plague on his literary creation. They also hope that the children can learn from Pushkin and face up with the pandemic courageously.

This online video course, which was developed in ten days through cloud collaboration, has been live-streamed to all primary school pupils in Shanghai and Jiangxi Province, receiving 4 million views and gaining wide acclaim from students and parents.

Students across the country started to have online classes when the pandemic broke out. Having noticed the scarcity of learning resources for children regarding COVID-19, this group of young volunteers from ECNU decided to develop a course specifically for primary school students.

The course consists of 14 lessons, each lasting for about 10 minutes. With a focus on thepandemic, the course is designed on the basis of the existing subjects taught at primary schools, such as Chinese, Mathematics, Nature, Information, Labor Skills and Psychology and combines thecognitive rules and interests of the students. In consideration of children’s preference to watch videos, it also makes use of high-quality audio-visual resources to make learning more interesting.

According to the course designers, education should aim at solving real problems in the real world. This pandemic offers a rare opportunity for primary and middle school students to learn in real context. In this classroom, children can understand the value of science and technology in preventing and controlling the epidemic and protecting human health. They can also learn about the role of mathematics in analyzing and understanding the epidemic in news reports. The course urges students to think about what ethics we as citizens should follow during the pandemic and how the pandemic may affect the human society and history.

Organized by Zhao Jian from the ECNU’s School of Open Education and Wu Minyu from the National Institutes of Educational Policy Research, this volunteer group consists of 15 ECNU students at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels from 6 schools and ECNU alumni.

Source: International Communication Office

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


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