Spring, a season of hope


Spring heralds the rebirth of nature. To many people, it is not only a change of season, but of attitude and life.

Spring at ECNU has always been a fond memory. We can enjoy beautiful flowers on campus, watch birds twittering in the foliage, play games of sports on the green, stroll leisurely along the Cherry River, or read quietly beside the Liwa River. In this season of hope, rebirth and energy, we plant seeds, water them, and wait for signs of new life. 

However, this spring is different due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Devoid of the aspiring youths, the campus is beautifully lonely. Things once taken for granted, such as popping in to see a friend or attending lectures, seem so far out of reach now.

Fortunately, as the coronavirus pandemic is well under control in China, ECNU is scheduled to reopen itself on April 29 after months of lockdown. The graduating students finally can return and resume their campus life.

This video is made to welcome the returning students and express good wishes to those who cannot return now. It is also meant to let everyone of us remember this special spring. Here or elsewhere, as you watch the video, please cherish the memory of your Alma Mater in spring.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon on campus.

Author:Jin Yu, Xu Xincheng

Video: Sun Feng

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Wicky Xu


East China Normal University