Welcome back: ECNU’s ready for students’ return


After months-long closure due to the novel coronavirus, some of the ECNU students can finally bid farewell to the longest winter break in history and return to campus.

From April 29, the university will see graduating students come back in batches. Non-graduating students, however, are still not allowed to return except for doing scientific research. International students graduating this year can return to the university only if they are currently in China.

Before coming back, students must file an application online and they should not return until their applications are approved. They should wear masks and demonstrate their green health codes and campus ID cards before entering the campus.

At the entrances of both Zhongbei and Minhang campuses, a booth has been set up for returning students to have their temperature checked by an infrared imager. They can enter the university if their temperatures are normal. If they suffer from a fever, they will be sent to a designated fever clinic for diagnosis. If found infected, they will be sent to a designated hospital for treatment. Otherwise, they will be quarantined in a designated dorm building until their symptoms disappear.

A room has been set up at the gate of the Zhongbei campus for returning students to have their temperatures checked.

All the public areas such as the libraries, teaching buildings, classrooms and laboratories have been disinfected and ventilated. The university has prepared for each student a health kit, including 15 masks, a thermometer, a bar of soap, some alcoholic cotton and a brochure on anti-virus prevention. Masks and thermometers are available  in the shops on both campuses. 

A health kit for each student

Furthermore, dormitory supervisors and residing counselors also provide additional services for students’ care and well-being, including dormitory ventilation, quilt drying, garbage cleaning removal. 

At the entrance of the canteens, temperature screening devices and hand sanitizer are already in place, and the marks on the floor remind diners to keep a distance of at least one meter from each other. Three set menus are provided for each meal. Diners can choose either to eat box meals in their dorms or dine in the canteen at the required distance.

To ensure students’ health, the university will continue to lock down its campuses after their return. Teachers and students need to submit an application prior to leaving and entering the campus. There will be no offline lectures, forums, conferences, job fairs, parties or sport competitions on campus.

The university holds a drill to test its pandemic control plans. 

ECNUers, welcome back!

Author: Jin Yu, Xu Xincheng

Copy editor: Philip Nash

Photos: ECNU News Office

Videos: Shine, Yu Wenxi


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