Six ECNU projects win Shanghai Science and Technology Awards


On May 19, the 2019 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held at Shanghai Exhibition Center. Six projects of ECNU won the awards.

Prof. He Jifeng and his team members.

Academician He Jifeng, founder of the Software Engineering Institute of ECNU and his team won a special award for their technologies of software testing, analyzing and assessment that ensure the development of safety critical control software for key industrial equipment. 

The technologies have been used in many important space missions in China, including the launch of the satellite.

Prof. Wu Jian.

The research team headed by Prof. Wu Jian from the State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy won the first-grade award for their achievements in the field of ultrafast laser physics.

The second-grade awards went to research teams headed by Prof. Shao Jun from the Faculty of Economics and Management, Prof. Sun Shiliang from the School of Computer Science and Technology, and Prof. Wen Ying from the School of Communication and Electronic Engineering. The research team led by Prof. Wei Jiaqin from the Faculty of Economics and Management won the third-grade award.

Prof. Yu Jinquan.

Prof. Yu Jinquan, an ECNU alumnus of grade 1982, is awarded the 2019 Shanghai International Scientific & Technological Cooperation Award for his dedication to deepening international exchange and cooperation between China and other countries.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Awardsis established by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in order to reward individual and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in the scientific and technological progress of Shanghai. The 2019 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards honored in total 308 scientigic breakthroughs and researchers. 

Source:Shine, ECNU's Office of Science and Technology 

Editor: Yu Wenxi


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