2020 ECNU graduation souvenirs


The graduation season is coming.

The university’s souvenir shop, Master House(大师屋), offers a unique collection of souvenirs for graduating students to commemorate this special occasion. 

Graduation ring

Since 2014, ECNU has planted a specific kind of flowers as a gift for each year’s graduates. This year, ECNU grows blue lilies on the banks of the Cherry River on the Minhang campus. The 2020 graduation ring takes inspiration from this beautiful flower.

Canvas bags

ECNU T-shirts

Wooden postcards

The Master House was set up in 2011 as a salute to ECNU’s 60th anniversary. It presents collections of ECNU-related souvenirs and gifts.

The 2020 graduation souvenirs are available in the Master House on the two campuses. 

There are also some graduation souvenir designed by schools for graduates:


Source: International Communication Office, Master House

Copy Editor: Philip Nash

Editor: Yu Wenxi


East China Normal University