ECNU debuts in Nature Index Global Top 100


ECNU advanced to 98th among the world's top 100 academic institutions in the Nature Index 2020 Annual Tables released on May 30. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences taking the lead, 21 Chinese universities/institutions held spots on the Global Top 100 list, among which ECNU ranked 21st.

The index tracks the scientific research results of the institutions and countries published between March 1, 2019 and Feb. 29, 2020  in 82 prestigious scientific journals. One of the main metrics is known as “Share.” Formerly referred to in the Nature Index as Fractional Count (FC), Share takes into account the percentage of authors from an institution and the number of affiliated institutions per article. The maximum combined Share for any article is 1.0.

ECNU published 321 articles last year, with a Share of 133.72, showing a 33.76% increase in adjusted Share compared to 2018 and bringing the university 37 places up in the 2020 ranking.

ECNU's chemistry discipline moved up to 45th among global research institutions, 41st among global universities and 22nd among Chinese universities. The earth and environmental sciences was 26th among Chinese mainland universities and 142nd among global universities. The rankings were 27th and 281st for life sciences and 29th and 138th for physical sciences.

Over the past 20 years, Chinese research institutions have made impressive gains in the official rankings of top global universities. For example, ECNU continues to publish extensively in Nature Index based on the per data analysis of relevant institutions. It ranked 188th among global institutions and 18th among Chinese mainland universities in the 2014 list of the top global 200 research institutions published by the Nature Publishing Group. In 2016, it jumped to 123rd and 17th respectively. ECNU's chemistry discipline also made it to the global top 100, ranking 73rdamong global institutions and 63rd among global universities in 2016. In 2018, the university moved up to 113th among global universities and 20th in the Chinese mainland.

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 82 high-quality science journals. The database is compiled by Nature Research. The Nature Index provides a close to real-time proxy of high-quality research output and collaboration at the institutional, national and regional level.


Source: International Communication Office

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfiled

Editor: Linlan Zhang


East China Normal University