Symposium on cultivation of top-notch teachers held


In recent years, teachers of Chinese with a better educational background and teaching competence have been in high demand in primary and middle schools . Prestigious middle schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen even wish to recruit students graduating from prestigious foreign universities and renowned Chinese comprehensive universities.

Symposium on cultivation of top-notch teachers is held ECNU. 

Against this background, what should traditional normal universities do and what changes should be made in the current normal education system? To be more specific, what should ECNU do to out-perform its peers? To answer these questions, ECNU held a symposium on the cultivation of top-notch teachers on May 29. The participants included ECNU leaders, deans and chiefs of the administrative departments. They sat together to discuss the new challenges facing normal education and chart out a course for the university’s future development.

According to ECNU president Qian Xuhong, The teachers we cultivate should have abilities others do not have, whether they teach in kindergartens or universities. If they are capable of discovering, discerning, cultivating, and loving talents, this will be the largest support they can offer to education. These expert educators, as he called them, are teachers that ECNU aims to cultivate. 

ECNU president Qian Xuhong.

ECNU University Council chair Mei Bin called for deepened reform in teacher education at a time when the university’s Education Faculty is turning five years old.

ECNU University Council chair Mei Bin.

To achieve this goal, she urged the whole faculty to answer several questions, such as how to build the educational system? What should be maintained and improved in the existing teacher education system? What are the problems that need to be addressed?

Copy editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Linlan Zhang


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