ECNU graduates of 2020 embrace future


On June 23, ECNU’s graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 was held separately on the university’s Zhongbei and Minhang campuses. Due to the pandemic, a live stream of the event was held for students who could not attend in person. 

This year a total of 7,700 students graduate from the university, including 4,298 postgraduates and 3,402 undergraduates. ECNU’s president and academician Qian Xuhong spoke to the graduates at this critical moment, when they would leave the campus and enter the society. He taught them “the last lesson” entitled “Adversity helps forge people of great promise”.

“Graduating in 2020, a year of great upheavals, you may feel that you are unfortunate. However, just as Mencius said, ‘When heaven is going to entrust someone with great responsibilities, it will first make him suffer both physically and mentally.’ Therefore, all the hardships and adversities you experience today will make you more mature and stronger—qualities that will eventually lead you to success.” 

He hoped that the graduates of 2020 to take the initiative to savor the meaning of life—continue to read, think, and innovate in the future.

“If each of us is a drop of water in the sea of history, you, the graduates of 2020, are in no way still water in a peaceful sea. You are, instead, sprays on the crest of the raging waves,” said Qian. “Having been thrown into the tides of the times, you need to exercise self-control. Instead of being knocked down or drowned by the stormy waves of history, you need to turn yourself into cresting waves riding over the rough sea.”

“One of the most important objects of human research is the research into ourselves. We need to bring out the best of us through our constructive interaction with the outside world,” Qian said. “The meaning of life, as it is often called, is in fact the meaning you give to your own life in a specific historical, as well as physical context.”

At the graduation ceremony,awards were given to the 885 excellent graduates and eight teachers who were recognized by the students as the best teachers of 2020. Also hosted was the ceremony of the university flag transfer, which demonstrates the inheritance of the ECNU spirit to ECNUers.

After the graduation ceremony was over, president Qian Xuhong, dressed in a red robe, took photos with graduates.

In addition to the ceremony were a series of other activities, including a graduation party on the evening of June 23 and  graduation souvenirs such as T-shirts and necklaces. 

All these moments at the 2020 graduation ceremony will remind the graduates that, wherever they go or whatever they do in the future, they will never forget about the good times they had as an ECNUer. 

Source: ECNU Pubilicity Department

Copy Editor: Joshua Mayfield

Editor: Yu Wenxi

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