The 13th ECNU Young Teachers' Teaching Competition Final Hosted


In March, 2020, the 13th ECNU Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition was launched. After department selection and recommendation , a total of 34 young teachers are qualified for this event.

The competition consists of two stages: the preliminary and the final. ECNU Teachers’ Teaching Development Center also trained the participants on target-based teaching design and the presentation of the Teaching Plan, which helped improve the ability of the participants and other young teachers to design their teaching. After fierce competition in the preliminary round, 23 young teachers made it to the final.

The final competition came on the afternoon of June 24 at the Teachers’ Teaching Development Center on the Minhang Campus. The participants were divided into three groups: two for liberal arts, and one for science and technology. The competitor would present a 20-minute classroom teaching, which was livestreamed campus wide. The judges would then comment on and evaluate each session from the perspectives of the teaching content, teaching organization, language use, teaching manner, and teaching characteristics.

The judging panel consisted of 15 well-known teachers, with university leaders as the panel leader. The judges, while giving full recognition of the participating teachers regarding their teaching concepts, teaching content selection, and teaching methods also advised them on their weaknesses in teaching..

11 teachers won the first prize, including Zhang Lin from School of Foreign Languages, Huang Zhijun from Faculty of Education Sciences, and Zhang Tong from School of Mathematical Sciences. 12 teachers got the second prize, including Dong Jiabei from Department of History, Qian Binxiang from School of Sports and Health, and Gu Shouzhen from Faculty of Information Science.

Mei Bing, Chair of the ECNU University Council, said that the teaching competition is a platform for young teachers to demonstrate themselves and communicate with each other. She encouraged young teachers to concentrate on teaching, keep improving their professionalism as a university teacher , and strive to become educators in the real sense. 

Source: International Communication Office

Copywriter: Philip Nash

Editor: Linlan Zhang


East China Normal University